Research and Diagnosis of Lubricants

Pakelo Lab – the research centre is part of Pakelo Global, is an extremely well-equipped laboratory; among one of the best in Europe and is dedicated exclusively to lubricants.

With its own research and analyses Laboratory, Pakelo offers high-level technical consultancy, providing clients with qualified and flexible support.

Lab / Services

PakeloLab is an extremely well-equipped laboratory – among one of the best in Europe, dedicated exclusively to lubricants. The research centre is part of Pakelo Global, a group that provides consultancy services in the research and diagnosis of lubricants sector.

The PakeloLab samples oils from the machinery or vehicle and carries out a rapid, in-depth analysis of the lubricants. After which, via a process of predictive maintenance controls of the overall state of the mechanic parts, forecasts the potential problems due to wear and tear and malfunction of the various components.

Research and Development

Pakelo’s Research and Development division continually updates the range of lubricants, to ensure that each product complies with the strictest specifications of the manufactures and the regulations imposed by the ever-increasing national and international regulations.

Through the analysis of the sampled oils, the Pakelo Laboratory will monitor the condition and function of the machinery and predict any eventual wear and damage. The Pakelo Research and Development Laboratory works in strict partnership with each customer to pinpoint the various individual needs and to study and develop bespoke products for each specific application.

Diagnosis and Tests

Thanks to the support of laboratory analysis Pakelo is able to make an accurate diagnosis and correct the situation.

Currently, PakeloLab works with a wide variety of different clients, operating with maximum professionalism and proficiency in diagnostic interpretations, with the added advantage of state-of-the-art instruments and a vast, continually updated data base, acquired over decades of activity

Consultancy and Training

Pakelo provides technical advice and training to the highest level. Thanks to the experience gained in over 80 years of business, it is able to propose effective and appropriate solutions for every need.

Pakelo organizes training and technical meetings on lubricants to make known the right technological know-how on lubrication and offer the best solutions. Pakelo it is able to organize training courses and conferences to deepen the subject of lubricants, according to customer needs.

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