LM-S Ready Coolant
Product Specs

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Freeze Protection:

Up to -22°C

Fields of Application:

PAKELO LM-S READY COOLANT is an innovative anti-freeze/coolant, easily biodegradable. Used as Factory Fill for cooling systems of Automobili Lamborghini cars. The product contains a corrosion inhibitor package based on organic acid salts and silicates (Si-OAT coolant) and it is free of nitrites, amines, phosphates and borates.

Mono Ethylene Glycol and glycerin based coolant, PAKELO LM-S READY COOLANT effectively protects engine cooling systems against overheating, frost, corrosion and deposits. Through its special inhibitors the product protects all metallic engine components against corrosion for a longer period when compared to conventional coolants.

Pakelo LM-S Ready Coolant is a ready to use protection fluid.

Levels of Performance:

ASTM D3306, CUNA NC 956-16, BS 6580:2010, VW TL 774-J.



Innovative engine coolant ethylene glycol-based, READY TO USE, pre-mixed with demineralized water. Developed in compliance with Automobili Lamborghini Standards for cooling systems.

Thanks to its inhibitors, it provides the following performance:

  • READY TO USE PRODUCT, pre-mixed with deionized/demineralized water;
  • FROST PROTECTION up to -22°C;
  • better heat transfer properties;
  • better compatibility with new generation aluminum heat exchangers;
  • reduced maintenance especially during the warranty period (thermostat, radiator, water pump, etc.);
  • superior anti-corrosion protection for long periods;
  • compatibility with all non-metal materials (radiators hoses, plastic and rubber parts, etc);
  • more environmentally friendly thanks to the easy biodegradability of the product;
  • greater reliability due to the highly stabilized inhibitor agents;
  • difficult incidental ingestion due to the bitter taste of the product.

Miscibility with other coolants.

In order to obtain the best performance and longer drain intervals, we recommend to use only PAKELO LM-S READY COOLANT and not to mix it with other coolants.

Application Fields

PAKELO LM-S READY COOLANT is a protection fluid developed in compliance with Automobili Lamborghini Standards for cooling and heat exchange systems of latest generation cars using metal alloys and gaskets and working with high temperatures.

The product is suitable for cooling systems of previous generation Lamborghini cars. Maximum drain intervals for Lamborghini cars are 30.000 kilometers or 2 years, whichever comes first. It is strongly recommended to follow these prescriptions.

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